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I gave up my son because he was black.

Don’t get me wrong. My child’s race made absolutely no difference to me.

But it made a big difference to society.

It was 1970 and the civil rights movement was in full swing. But I was to learn that liberal sentiments only went so far when it came to race in the bedroom—much less in the nursery.

I was an unwed teenager in a middle-class white world. To fight for civil rights was one thing. But to be pregnant by a black man was going too far.

I did what everyone expected I should do. I gave my baby up for adoption, even though I desperately wanted to keep him.

And then my life turned into the stuff of nightmares.

I married my baby’s father several years later and had another son, and then plunged into a life of secrets, lies, and abuse.

Plagued by my white guilt for giving up my black son, I stayed with their father for years.

But throughout those years, I could never forget the baby I’d given up.

And through an extraordinary set of circumstances, I found him before he could find me.

And now I’m ready to tell my story.

My memoir, White Lady, Black Sons, is about the painful decisions I made in a world that wasn’t quite ready for integration in the household.

It’s a memoir about changing race relations, and changing gender relations as I grew from a subservient and abused wife into a confident, assertive woman and writer.


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