I’m writing a mystery!

I’ve decided to write a mystery, set in England and therefore I’m doing some research.  And, if you read to the end, I’ll be asking for your help.

Watching The English, Kate Fox

I’m reading this wonderfully astute book by Kate Fox called Watching The English.  Ms. Fox is an English social anthropologist writing about her own people through the dispassionate lens of social science.  Well, maybe not always dispassionate but she gets her brilliant observations across quite well.   It’s page after page of great insight into the character of the English.

Write Away, Elizabeth George

I’m also reading this book – Elizabeth George’s Write Away.  I’ve always enjoyed Ms. George’s Inspector Lynley novels and have recently attended two readings of hers in Seattle.  Since I rarely read fiction – except for British mysteries written by women – I felt I needed some insights from a mystery writer herself.  She’s got a linear approach to fiction that is helping me because I rarely do anything linear.  I mean, I can hardly spell the word.  And would it be “linearly?”  Anyway, I look to Ms. George to help me think in a straight line.

So, here is the plea for HELP!

I need help with names.  I think a good literary English name is essential to the development of the character.  So, if you’ve got any marvelous ideas, please let me know right here.

Cheers.  Thanks a lot..