Book Launch

Full Front Book Cover

Help me celebrate the publication of my first book, White Lady, Black Sons:  a memoir of adoption, abuse and awakening.  My book launch party is scheduled for June 27th, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Alki Arts Gallery in downtown Seattle, 1124 First Avenue.  If you are in town and free on that early evening, please come.  And feel free to bring along your friends!  Book signing, a little food, some music and lots of wonderful people.

The Writings of Richard Jefferies

Richard Jefferies

It’s rumored to be spring, so I thought it would be appropriate to read Richard Jefferies.  Mr. Jefferies was born in 1818 in Wiltshire, England.  He was a nature writer, depicting English rural life in minute, loving detail.  To read his work is to take a stroll through 19th century English woods, villages and meadows.  It is to carefully observe ants and bees. to smell the scent of fresh grass and feel clean breezes on your arms.  I’d never heard of him until I left the board of the of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.  In recognition of my many years of service on the board, I was given a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  Searching on-line for buying as many book as I could with the gift, I stumbled upon Richard Jefferies.  I’m so glad I did.  When I get tired of life as we know it, I turn to him for the pleasure of his words and the refocus he provides on what is really important.